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Source One is your partner in all matters related to the environment, resource and sustainability

The Source One Portfolio

Integrated observation, sustainable solutions, measurable results


Source One advises and supports manufacturers with their global procurement and collateralization of secondary raw materials up to the sustainable development of products and repossession solutions as well as the entire product footprint and eco-design.

Brand Manufacturers

Source One advises and supports brand manufacturers with targeted green consulting for the classification and execution of sustainable product optimizations with the goal of a sustainable product footprint.

Collectors, Sorters, Processors

Source One advises and supports clients with a holistic approach which has the goals of maximum environmental and economical efficiency as well as the securing of high-quality and quantitatively plannable secondary raw materials.


Source One advises and supports distributors with the implementation of innovative waste management solutions with the goal of collecting secondary raw materials intelligently and transferring them directly into the recycling process.

Municipalities / Governments

Source One advises and supports municipalities and governments with the introduction or optimization of collection systems and waste management concepts with the goal of a sustainable resource and recycling economy.


Source One advises and supports companies in a clear,
targeted interaction regarding circular economies
and sustainability with the consumer, and integrates all
participating party levels in a goal-oriented approach.

Closing the loop with strong know-how

Driven by many years of international experience in designing, implementing and operating sustainable waste recovery solutions for a wide range of stakeholders – from municipalities to national governments, from SMEs to multinational corporations – Source One helps implement environmentally and socially responsible and economical waste recovery systems and close loops.

Source One Core Competencies

Know-how in all waste management sectors and sustainability

From the consulting phase to the operative implementation phase on all stages of value creation and recycling economy, Source One is your competent partner in the sectors of environment, resources and sustainability.


Sustainable business means sustainable actions. The speed of the changes in all facets of recycling and waste management have rarely been so high. Because of both local and global changes in laws, the pressure on manufacturers and distributors to make their products more recycling-friendly and resource-saving is growing. Source One stands for specialist, client-oriented and…


Today, contemporary engineering is responsible for a productivity development system comprised of people, processes, materials and the right technical solutions which also conforms to humane and resource-conserving conditions. And the declared goal of all of this? Operable and easy-to-maintain plants, adaptive systems solutions, high availability and valid outputs with the highest possible quality.


The right secondary raw material secures the sustainable manufacturing of numerous products, both for today and tomorrow. Every day, potential secondary raw materials land unchecked in oceans or brought to landfills in third-world countries with catastrophic results for both people and the environment. Source One is fighting this by supporting industry with classified secondary raw.

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Source One-Mission!

Your ValuesAssure Your Values

Values determine our daily business. But what effects do they have on our environment? Together with you, Source One develops sustainable concepts and solutions with measurable goals in the circular economy sector.

From the first step to the complete integration, we’ll level the path with you and make sure that your values are in harmony with the environment, with mankind and with nature.


Clear ActionDuty of Responsibility

Only action can achieve improvement. Whether you are a company or a government, Source One will actively support you in the performance of your duties and the implementation of waste management and recycling projects.

From eco design, and the development and realization of collection and repossession systems , to the construction of sorting, recycling and waste treatment plants, we’re your primary contact.


Making Sustainability MeasurableAnswers and Solutions

Source One stands for comprehensive, practical know-how and has a global network of recyclable material collectors, sorting plants and treatment plants as well as manufacturers in more than 21 countries.

Binding answers and reliable solutions are the principle values of Source One. Our goal is to make answers out of your questions, and to find sustainable solutions with you and for you. You’re just one mouse click away.


We have answers and solutions!

The people behind Source One

Our Team

Kai Hoyer Managing Director

Kai Hoyer

Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter
Yvonne Bohlscheid HR / Office

Yvonne Bohlscheid

HR / Office
Armin Rösch Direktor bei Source One Beschaffung

Armin Rösch

Director paust@s-one.de

Jens Paust

Denise Seneka Backoffice

Denise Holste

Back Office

Excerpt of Achievements

We get to the heart of sustainability!

Source One stands for international experience from all kinds of projects in all value-added chains of the circular economy – economically and environmentally successful in over 21 countries.

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Follow the news regarding the works of Source One in the fields of sustainability, recycling and sourcing.

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