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When the rate of return isn’t the only thing that counts

Source One stands as a link between the conception and realization of collection systems, processing plants and recycling plants in markets worldwide, and as a guarantor for successful, long-lasting and sustainable investments.

Especially in countries outside of Western Europe and North America, there often exists the problem that an expert evaluation of the required infrastructure is simply not feasible. Diverse projects have shown that foreign companies are driven to place their products or concepts in emerging markets. An isolated consideration repeatedly demonstrates that such solutions can be very successfully implemented in established markets with flat-structured collection and handling systems, but are totally unsuited for developing markets and therefore make the effects of investment obsolete.

Source One stands as an independent consultant in such countries for the best possible total adaptable system. From the first feasibility studies to test sortings all the way up to the integration of local infrastructure, long-lasting, successful, humane and environmentally friendly circular systems can be created.

We at Source One have made it our goal to give investors the possibility and peace of mind to realize sustainable investments in infrastructure and its periphery and then to lead them to long-lasting successes together. With access to governments and state-owned banks, the maximum hedge and funding of investments can be secured in the long term.

The goal is to realize comprehensive projects which not only generate economically stable returns, but also lead to bring environmental and living conditions in harmony with the protection and reuse of natural resources by means of sustainable and environmentally valid planned investments in the collection, sorting, treatment or processing of wastes.