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Closing Sustainable Cycles

Source One offers practical added value. Our decades of experience in all renewable levels of the recycling economy guarantees innovative and completely comprehensive solutions.

Very few subject areas offer so many chances and yet so many open questions regarding a renewable recycling economy. In order to transform this important concept into sustainable results, it requires more than just laws or political intent.

Upon observation of the ideal-typical recycling economy, it’s immediately obvious that the cycle is comprised of various participants which in part operate on diametrical communication levels, value-added chains and interests. The efforts of sustainable companies have led to at least a portion of these actors participating in the recycling economy to join targeted communications with one another. Unfortunately, this development is only being pursued in countries with economic and political stability. In the course of the harmonization of European waste management law, the differences in the extent to which countries have developed their recycling economies have become quite clear in a united Europe.

We at Source One consider ourselves to be a global interface between actors in the framework of a truly sustainable recycling economy because the avoidance of waste is a number-one priority. This avoidance begins as early as the product design phase and continues into the design of waste management concepts with the highest standards of a fully-developed recycling economy, up to the pioneer work in developing countries in the context of those first steps towards a closed loop and humane, environmentally friendly handling and recovery of waste.

In order to prevent the concept of the circular economy from becoming just a synonym for individual interest groups in the recycling economy in economically developed societies, a horizontal and vertical network governed by clear legal specifications is crucial. With comprehensive, implementation-oriented and tailor-made concept solutions, Source One offers fundamental answers and approaches to these issues, and will successfully support your global efforts on all levels.