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Holistic best-practice consultation and implementation across all levels of conception and implementation of sustainable waste management concepts.

Across the globe, people are discussing more and more what sustainable waste management can look like. However, it is agreed that a recycling economy is the only expedient approach possible. For all process stages and levels of an ideal-typical recycling economy, success depends on a holistic understanding for value-added chains, influence factors and drivers. In addition to clearly manifested legal regulation, the most important influence factor is the expedient design of a recycling economy. Unfortunately, that is the exception missing from the framework of global approaches.

Source One develops waste management concepts for governments, municipalities and companies in accordance with the highest environmental standards. In the context of a holistic view, the current status quo is broken down into environmental and economic criteria and embedded into the legal framework, the total process and the implications are analyzed (such as material flows in a specific kind of composition), and the internal and external acquisition and recovery are analyzed. Potentials will be demonstrated and carried over into a project budget together with measures, schedules and potential investments. Source One also probes potential collectors, recovery operators and logistics providers as well as the value of the present material flows.

Some classic examples of such activities in the framework of waste management conception are:

  • Optimization of recyclable material flows and production waste in the manufacturing industry
  • Reuse of waste
  • Internal and external processing of recyclable material concentrates
  • Optimization of internal recovery logistics via innovative solutions
  • Formation of holistic waste management concepts for municipalities and governments taking demographic and geopolitical change and existing local infrastructures and capacities into account
  • Procurement of waste managers
  • Creation of waste management concepts in the context of the performance of duties during commissioning, renovating or constructing new processing and recycling plants
  • Conception in the collection and recovery sectors of household-related and industrial non-hazardous waste which doesn’t fall into the category of obligation of exclusive municipal supply