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Core competency: Sourcing

Complete Transparency

The right secondary raw material secures the sustainable manufacturing of numerous products, both for today and tomorrow. Every day, potential secondary raw materials land unchecked in oceans or brought to landfills in third-world countries with catastrophic results for both people and the environment.

Source One is fighting this by supporting industry with classified secondary raw materials. In cooperation with our partners and clients, we’re optimizing recycling economy systems and generating sorting accuracy with certified quality via collecting, sorting and preparing. Because of our many years of experience in the origin, processing and use of secondary raw materials as well as the manufacture of end products, we are able to quickly understand which material is right for your needs. To this end, Source One can achieve gapless transparency on all levels for your value-added chain. With the networking of the global economy as well as national and international provisions, the recyclable materials trade is often very volatile. Knowing which market drivers are influencing prices, quality or availability is crucial for a sustainable sourcing strategy, and guarantees plannable raw material availability.

Source One helps companies around the world acquire secondary raw materials in the desired quality and quantity, starting with the qualification up to the support with international transport and notification. Would you like to find out where and under which circumstances your existing material flows are processed? Source One is a professionally responsible company which offers leadership and inspection of waste management and recycling operations, and is a commercially recognized environmental officer for waste with the official authority to inspect our suppliers and buyers with far-reaching and technically adept compliance checks. Source One also offers our competent support with the preparation and support of audits (ISO, CCIC, EfB, LAGA, REACH).