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Core competency: Consultation

Professional consultation follows a clear course

Sustainable business means sustainable actions. The speed of the changes in all facets of recycling and waste management have rarely been so high. Because of both local and global changes in laws, the pressure on manufacturers and distributors to make their products more recycling-friendly and resource-saving is growing. Source One stands for specialist, client-oriented and targeted consultation in these far-reaching topics.

Implementing ideas and concepts into reality

Do you have a product, but you want to start thinking about tomorrow today? We will support your life cycle assessment process with our expertise starting as early as the product design phase, because it is in this phase that the points of an environmentally and economically optimal product cycle are determined. We will identify and localize the proper secondary raw materials in accordance with your product requirements.

How should the construction of tools be designed in order to achieve an efficient and stable production?

How well can your product be recycled and reintegrated into the secondary cycle?

To these ends, we deliver valid and immediately implementable solutions from the design phase to the acquisition of secondary raw materials. We will help you sustainably complete the cycle because the end of your product is the beginning of something new.

Is your product is already in circulation today, and you want to push the use of resource-saving secondary raw materials further? We will show you alternative material sources and transform your needs into valid product specifications. With our know-how and network of experts on the recycler and manufacturer sides, we bring together that which belongs together: your product, manufactured according to the most optimal sustainability.

Are you planning to invest in the far-reaching business of collection, sorting, or valuation of non-hazardous waste or secondary raw materials? That’s a wise decision!

Whether it’s the planning and realization of projects, the evaluation of existing plants or in the framework of targeted M&A activities – we’ll support this process in all facets and achieve more added value.

Do you have a product, but are having trouble finding where exactly the product cycle ends and under what circumstances? We offer comprehensive compliance tests which offer more clarity. The insights gained from these can be immediately used for further analysis of potentials of your flows. Do you want to measure sustainability? We will define it together with your KPIs, help with the implementation and realization of these measuring points and train your team.