A reunion at booth J-31: circular economy integration at the PRSE

The “Plastics and Recycling Show Europe” is becoming increasingly popular. On 19 and 20 June, more than one hundred new companies will be joining the around 350 established exhibitors at the trade fair, which will extend to four halls for the first time in 2024.

Source One has also expanded. Together with its partners Landbell and LyondellBasell, it demonstrates at this year’s PRSE that it is fully integrated into the vertical chain of the circular economy, both backwards and forwards. At the joint booth with Landbell, the Source One team outlines innovative solutions for the sustainable and circular use of plastics. The focus will be on current EU regulations, material trading and the optimisation of existing recycling plants. “We had some great discussions last year and have launched a number of projects since then,” says Source One Head of Engineering Christian Bollman. “Now we are looking forward to refreshing our personal contacts and getting to know completely new partners and clients.”

Source One is easy to find. “Our booth is in exactly the same place as last year, right next to the event stage in the main hall,” says Christian Bollmann. “We will also have a barista with us again, who will provide our guests at booth J-31 with café crema, espresso, cappuccino or tea.”

Source One will be fully represented by the teams from its three core areas of Consulting, Engineering and Sourcing. Together, they will answer questions from booth guests on all aspects of environmental, resource and sustainability management. They will also demonstrate ways in which their counterparts can integrate themselves more deeply into the circular economy value chain in the future.

14. June 2024